Chittaranjan College

Estd : 1967. Undergraduate college in Kolkata.
Affiliated to University of Calcutta

  • 8A, Beniatola Ln, College Row, College Street, Kolkata-700009
    Phone: 03335020024

  • Institutional Distinctiveness – Chittaranjan College

    Institutional Distinctiveness

    Institutional Distinctiveness

    Chittaranjan College aims at all round holistic development of the students to develop them into responsible human being and citizen of the country. To implement this vision this college offers a barrier free teaching learning environment where students not only participate in curricular activities actively but also take part in various extra-curricular activities. To help students to manifest their full potential the college offers students different field of self-expression.
    To make the classroom learning more joyful, participatory and effective faculties use LCD projectors and laptops. To develop skill in language, computer application the college has organized certificate courses by the Department of Bengali, English and Commerce respectively. Students have achieved academic excellence in the University examination and pursue their post-graduation in different subjects.
    Every year a good number of students migrate from different states , different socio-economic condition and enroll themselves in this college. As Chittaranjan College strives for a better society and inclusiveness sincere efforts are made to sustain these students and encourage them to complete their courses. Every year partial or full concessions are sponsored by the college for students of economically weaker sections. Besides this, full efforts are given so that students can avail different government scholarships like Aikyashree, OASIS, Kanyashree and SVMCM. This effort has proved to be beneficial in reducing drop outs , especially among female students.
    Educational and career counselling are organized on regular basis by the departments to introduce the students with various fields of knowledge and employment. A good number of students are employed in different govt and private sectors.
    The college has offered 15 certificate courses since 2018 which have impacted the knowledge domain of the students and enriched the teacher-students interaction apart from the classroom teaching.
    For maintaining a healthy learning environment, the college has framed viable strategic goals for gender sensitization, formation of Nature Club and creation small of rooftop garden acute despite space crunch.
    To redress grievances of students, the college has formed grievance cell, anti-sexual harassment cell, women’s cell and anti-ragging cell (ICC). All the committees are vigilant to protect students from any unwanted incidence and solve their problems.
    Chittaranjan College aims at performing its duty to society by engaging students in various social awareness programmes and campaigns like Dengue Awareness campaign, Ban Plastic Campaign, Heath and hygiene Awareness Campaign. Students are also engaged in educating local street children to read and write. Every year games and sports, blood donation camp are organized which helps in developing social responsibility, empathy and skill of co-existence.