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Estd : 1967. Undergraduate college in Kolkata.
Affiliated to University of Calcutta

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    The Bengali Department of this college commenced its journey in 2006, initially with support from teachers of other disciplines. Over the years, it has expanded with full-time and part-time faculty members, focusing on academic excellence and cultural enrichment. The department’s mission is to equip students with knowledge and tools for linguistic challenges in literary studies, while its vision aims to foster interdisciplinary connections and produce adept scholars in Bengali language and literature.

    Teachers from other disciplines devoted their time in this department in its early stage. Professor Nandita Banerjee, Professor Namita Majumder took regular classes for a long time. In 2010, Dr. Nabanita Basu Haque, joined as a Full -time permanent post. Then, since 2010 Dr. Nabagopal Roy, Mrs. Anurima Saha, Dr. Debjani Sarkar, Mrs. Madhubonti Shome joined as part time sanctioned post who are now engaged as full time faculty in other college and University.

    In 2017 (May), Dr. Siddheswar Banerjee joined as an Assistant Professor (Full-time permanent post) and Mrs Ritomita Banerjee joined in 2017, August as a guest teacher, now is approved as SACT-2 by the Higher Education of West Bengal.

    The mission of the UG Department of Bengali aims at equipping students with in-depth knowledge and intellectual tools to engage global and nation specific linguistic challenges arising in the area of literary studies.

    The vision of the department endeavours to generate new knowledge and produce students who are trained in literary studies specifically in Bengali language along with interdisciplinary connections with three other language and literature disciplines of this Institution. The Department of Bengali strives to pursue academic excellence in Teaching-Learning process, Research and Extension.

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  • পথের পাঁচালী
  • চেতনাপ্রবাহ রীতি

  • চেতনাপ্রবাহ রীতি
  • গদ্য সাহিত্যে রবীন্দ্রনাথ

  • গদ্য সাহিত্যে রবীন্দ্রনাথ
  • গদ্য সাহিত্যের – স্টাডি Material

  • Sari song

  • Sari song
  • It’s great to hear about the achievements of the alumni from the Bengali Department! Their success in passing exams like NET and SET, pursuing higher education, and excelling in various professions truly reflects well on the department. Their diverse careers in banking, corporate sectors like Tata Company, government positions, education, and content writing showcase the versatility of their education. They’ve certainly made significant contributions to the department’s reputation and legacy.

    Some instances:

    • Haimanti Mukherjee (2010-13) is now HR Executive, Banking Sector
    • Ila Biswas (2010-13) is a Teacher at Sishu Niketan
    • Arnab Nayek (2014-17) is a Junior Assistant, WBSU
    • Tanushree Dutta (2014-17) is working now at Tata Consultancy
    • Subhrajit Saha (2015-18) is now Co-founder of Chatuskone Channel
    • Neha Das (2018-21) is working at Banking Sector
    • Suveccha Das (2018-21) completed her MA
    • Riya Das (2019-22) is now in service in Dubai
    • Jyoti Bag (2019-22) is pursuing MA
    • Snehasis Paul (2020-23) is pursuing MA at Calcutta University
    • Arkadeep Dey (2020-23) is pursuing MA at Rabindra Bharati University
    • Chandrani Pal (2019-22) persuing M.A at Rabindra Bharati University
  • B.A. Bengali Honours (As per CBCS)
  • B.A. Bengali Major (As per NEP 2020)
  • Dr. Nabanita Basu Haque

    M.A., B.Ed, Ph.D.
    (Head of the Department)

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    Dr. Siddheswar Banerjee

    M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D.

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    Ms. Ritomita Banerjee

    M.A., B. Ed.

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    Bengali Department 2020-21

    It’s wonderful to hear about the Cultural Activities E Section’s initiative in focusing on women’s power through painting, especially during such challenging times like the Covid pandemic. Online painting sessions can indeed provide a creative outlet and a sense of connection despite physical distancing measures. Art has a unique ability to uplift spirits and inspire resilience.

    That’s fantastic to hear! Recognizing the achievements of the Bengali department students not only highlights their hard work but also adds to the overall pride and reputation of the department.

    That sounds like a powerful way to express emotions during such a challenging time. Art can be a meaningful outlet for processing feelings and experiences. Riya Das of Bengali department drawing reflect her perspective on the COVID-19 situation.

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