Chittaranjan College

Estd : 1967. Undergraduate college in Kolkata.
Affiliated to University of Calcutta

  • 8A, Beniatola Ln, College Row, College Street, Kolkata-700009
    Phone: 03335020024

  • Policies – Chittaranjan College



    • Being a Coeducation college, Chittaranjan college believes in equality irrespective of caste, creed, gender, social or economic strata
    • Meeting of Governing Body occurs in regular intervals and in case of any exigency
    • IQAC meets on a regular basis to ensure the awareness & increase quality initiatives for the college. The notion is percolated throughout the organization in top-down approach.
    • Grievance Redressal committee meets on a monthly basis to address any grievance (If any)
    • ICC, Anti-Ragging committee meets as per requirement and the college has implemented a zero-tolerance principle on such sexual/ ragging related issues
    • As a part of distributed administrative structure various sub-committees are formed and remain highly active to help the principal in day-to-day work.
    • IQAC organizes regular visit to classrooms/ laboratories/ library and discusses with individual department on periodic basis to chalk out plan to improve and recommend to the Governing Body through Principal.
    • TC & IQAC jointly plan and execute MOU with different Higher Educational Institutes
    • TC, NTS, Students work together for implementation of an Effective and favourable safety plan, where the roles, responsibilities and accountabilities of each stakeholder is clearly defined
    • Go-Green and eco-friendly campus has become an enchanting slogan in the campus through various seminars/ programs/ debates etc