Chittaranjan College

Estd : 1967. Undergraduate college in Kolkata.
Affiliated to University of Calcutta

  • 8A, Beniatola Ln, College Row, College Street, Kolkata-700009
    Phone: 03335020024

  • Organizational Structure – Chittaranjan College

    Organizational Structure

    Organizational Structure

    The College is dedicated to the principle of decentralization of works on the basis of Committee system. In consistence with the guidelines of the parent University, various Sub-Committees are formed either by the Governing Body or the Principal, with their authority and mutual responsibility in relationships clearly outlined. These components of the college administration are believed to be the key to its effective and smooth running and they meet regularly to streamline college administration. At present, the prominent Sub-Committees of the college are as follows:

    1. Academic Affairs Sub-Committee;
    2. Finance Sub-Committee;
    3. Admission Sub-Committee;
    4. Library Sub-Committee;
    5. Purchase, Building Maintenance & Development Sub-Committee;
    6. Provident Fund Sub-Committee;
    7. Sports & Games Sub-Committee;