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Estd : 1967. Undergraduate college in Kolkata.
Affiliated to University of Calcutta

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  • Cultural Activities – Chittaranjan College

    Cultural Activities

    Cultural Activities

    Cultural Competition

    Organized by Students’ Union, its highlights are Saraswati Puja, Independence Day, Republic Day and Blood Donation Camps. Teachers’ Day on 5th September is observed with great fervour by students. They organize functions for the teachers and there is a mood of bonhomie and merriment on that day.

    Cultural activities

    It’s remarkable how students at Chittaranjan College excel across various cultural domains, from acting and singing to dancing, reciting, and painting. Their inherent talent and dedication shine through as they take the initiative to showcase their best in events both within and outside the college. Adapting to the pandemic era, they’ve continued to engage through online events, demonstrating resilience and creativity in their pursuits.

    Bicentenary of Raja Rammohan Roy, Pathfinder of Indian Renaissance

    Absolutely, a vibrant cultural scene enriches society by fostering creativity, understanding, and unity among individuals. It provides a platform for expression, dialogue, and connection, ultimately contributing to social cohesion and progress. Embracing and nurturing cultural diversity leads to a more inclusive and resilient community, laying the groundwork for a brighter future for all.

    Discussing the impact of the Kanyashree project in our society.

    It’s great to hear that initiatives like ‘Kanyashree Prakolpo’ are empowering girls and promoting education. The celebration of ‘Kanyashree Divas’ at Chittaranjan College highlights the significance of such programs in promoting gender equality and women’s rights.

    Nepothyo katha:
    Preperation for Chart in classroom

    22 se Sraboner
    It’s wonderful to hear about the Cultural Activities E Section’s initiative in focusing on women’s power through painting, especially during such challenging times like the Covid pandemic. Online painting sessions can indeed provide a creative outlet and a sense of connection despite physical distancing measures. Art has a unique ability to uplift spirits and inspire resilience.

    Saheli Das- Reciting Self Written poem, International Book Fair, Shankha Ghosh Moncho, 22

    Students’ observations Week (Cultural Activities)
    Cultural Activities

    Students’ Observation Day 12-Jan-2024

  • Students’ Observation Day 12-Jan-2024
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